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Heart Valve Surgery Near Miami, FL

Surgery to repair or replace heart valves is performed to restore normal blood flow to, through and from the heart. Depending upon a diagnosis and other factors, this surgery can be performed as a minimally invasive or as an open surgical procedure. Some conditions that can indicate the need for heart valve repair or replacement include:

  • A valve that does not close fully, allowing blood to leak backwards (regurgitation)
  • A valve that does not open fully limiting forward blood flow (stenosis)
  • Defects that cause major heart symptoms such as chest pain (angina), shortness of breath, fainting spells (syncope), or heart failure
  • Changes in valve performance that affect heart function
  • Replacement or repair of a valve at the same time open heart surgery is being performed for another reason
  • A valve damaged by infection of the valve (endocarditis)
  • A new valve replaced in the past that is not working well or causing other problems such as clotting, infection, or bleeding

Heart valve repair and replacement In Aventura, Fl

Depending upon the condition of your heart valve, Dr. Roberts may elect to repair it or replace it. The heart valves involved in these procedures include:

  • Aortic valve
  • Mitral valve
  • Tricuspid valve
  • Pulmonary valve
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heart valve replacement in south floridaFor more information on heart valve replacement
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Minimally Invasive and Open Heart Surgical Approaches

Depending upon your condition and other factors, Dr. Roberts can elect to perform your heart valve repair or replacement as either an open or minimally invasive procedure. In both cases you will need to be placed on a heart-lung by-pass machine during the surgery to do the work of your heart while it is stopped.

Open surgery, Requires a large surgical cut in your breastbone to reach the heart and the valve(s) requiring treatment.

Minimally invasive surgery. Done through much smaller cuts than open surgery, or through a catheter inserted through the skin. Several different techniques can be used and include:

  • Minithoracotomy. This entails about a 2 inch incision in the right chest that is generally used for replacement of the aortic or mitral valves.
  • TAVR (see above)
  • Robotic endoscopic surgery. This approach is ideal for patients leaky mitral valves, certain holes in the heart, tumors of the heart, as well as patients seeking
    a reliable cure of their atrial fibrillation. Using the Davinci-S robot, Dr. Roberts generally does these procedures via an 18 mm (2/3’s inch) stab wound in the right chest.

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